Look, and one day, you'll see. -- Anthony de Mello.

"I really enjoy the meditation courses and have been attending for three years now. I feel that the evenings help me centre myself and find relaxation and balance in my hectic life. They have also given me a new perspective on leading my life in a good way and becoming the person who I would like to be." - Kasia

"For me this course was not only a weekly retreat from the stress and tensions of the routine, but also a great encouragement to reconsider my way of life. However, most importantly, it gave me an impulse to act upon this change, which has brought much more harmony and strength than I had ever before." - Vytas

"What I enjoy most about the yoga course is that it allows me to relax. I can give time to myself while practicing yoga in a group with other students." - Isabelle

"The yoga course, for me, is a welcome moment in my week when I pause to settle myself. The exercises are good for easing out the quiet stress that slowly tightens muscles. The meditation always seems to end too soon. In it, I am able to calm the voice inside my head and release the push for stimulations and diversions. I enjoy the chanting after meditation because it is harmony in un-harmony." - Gary

"There are many reasons I come to the meditation course, all of them eventually lead to joy. So, in a greater sense, joy might be the only reason. Your (Carmen's) voice is for sure a big part of it; I think simply listening to you sets people to peace already. When I came to your class the first time my hopes were to learn how to focus, in order to improve my studying. Even though I have not reached that goal, I am already passed it. I learned that the true importance is to be able to listen to my body to understand its needs and limits. What I especially like about your sessions are the mini-lectures up front. They always teach me something new and combine science with wisdom, tradition and experience" - Fred

"Peace Meditation gives me the opportunity to explore different ways to understand myself better. The practice helps me to find calm and rest in my body and mind. Another important aspect is that throughout Peace Meditation I have found a precious group of friends. Thanks Carmen!" - Isabel