Look, and one day, you'll see. -- Anthony de Mello.

Why ginepro99?

Yoga has to do with strength, flexibility and balance.

Ginepro is the italian word for juniper, you may find some very old ones in Sardinia, they also have to do with strength, flexibility and balance... They dare to grow in difficult places, also alone. They are strongly rooted on the earth, no matter if they have to find their way through the rocks. They are flexible to adapt to the place they have chosen, let themselves get modeled by the wind, and the nature around. They can balance on cliffs, facing the wind and the sun.

If you meet one of those old beings... take the time to simply sit by him. close your eyes, keep your back straight, and ask him to teach you to breath. Imagine you are like this tree. Let the breath be smooth and even, free to move along the spine. Exhale down to the earth, feeling rooted and supported. Inhale along the spine up to the sky, feeling nurtured, breathing in fresh energies in every leave of your being.

And when you walk away, do not forget to thank him for the lesson :)